Justy's Story

the design journey of Justin Barry

Designing a Makerspace
- Nov. 2023 : present
identified a need for a community makerspace in the Flathead Valley
currently collecting data to influence the design
survey is live until Dec. 31, 2023 fill it out with the link below
How might we design a makerspace that serves our community?

Fall RE: APPAREL Workshop Series
- Sept. 2023 : Dec. 2023
continued collaboration with ImagineIF Library Kalispell to empower community members with DIY ways of textile waste reduction
we have held workshops on hand sewing, printmaking, and knitting
the last workshop in the series is upcycling a tote bag on Dec. 16th, 10am-1pm @ ImagineIF Kalispell
for more information visit -  https://imagineiflibraries.org/events/events-calendar/

- Oct. 2023
built a giant animatronic beast with my friend Sienna for Halloween
great reminder to do things for the sole reason of fun

Clothing REWERKS
- May 2023 : present
exploring ways to use dyeing and printing to renew second-hand clothing

RE: APPAREL WORKSHOPS - Apr. 2023 : present
worked with ImagineIF Library in Kalispell to hold an apparel repair workshop on Earth Day
our goal was to use intracommunity skillsharing to empower people to repair their own clothing
we paired workshop attendees with volunteer skilled sewers and showed them repair techniques
it was a great event with 99 people attending, since then we have held workshops on hand sewing, printmaking and knitting

Handy Packs
- Jan. 2023 : present
designed a convertible fanny pack - bike handlebar bag utilizing developed hardwareless closures
made from 100% upcycled & recycled materials

learn from the master
- Jan 2023 : present
started apprenticing from Milen Krastev, the Master Tailor of Mad Leather
Milen teaches me the right way to make things and together we've worked on some crazy stuff

the value of rapid lofi prototyping
- Dec. 2023
had a great day exploring potential upcycling strategies for a retired wetsuit

dissembled the wetsuit into fabric and components,
ideated on the material properties and new applications,
made five small prototypes to understand the material

Hardwareless Closures
- Dec. 2022 : Jan. 2023
developed these hook and loop closures for future upcycled projects

found that a limitation of producing 100% upcycled bags was sourcing secondhand or recycled closures
designed my own closures using recycled poly webbing and upcycled paracord 

Kalispell PK Presentation - Nov. 2022
gave a presentation about my story and approach to circularity at a Kalispell Pechakucka event

Fall Clothing Fundraiser - Nov. 2022
organized a clothing fundraiser to recirculate clothing within our community and fundraise for local causes. we raised over $300 and recirculated hundreds of lbs. of clothing in this one event lessgooo 

Becky's Bike Bag - Sept. 2022
taught Becky how to sew and helped guide her through the process of making her own bicycle frame bag

this experience showed me how teaching skills can help advance the textile waste reduction mission beyond myself

Whitefish Farmers Market - Jun. 2022 : Sept. 2022
teamed up with my gear repair guru friend Marijke (SuperBloom Gear Repair) to present textile circularity to our local community. She operated a drop-off pick-up gear repair service while I sold upcycled products and recieved donations of out-of-use textiles. 

Recycled Plastic Webbing - Feb. 2022 : present
Worked with my good friend and graphic designer Bennett Figueroa to develop artwork to print on recycled polyester webbing to use in FDES products

The Sister Bags 
- Jan. 2022 : present
designed a commuter style laptop backpack made from collaged offcuts of local textile product manufacturers, other secondhand sourced materials, and a novel upcycled closure

- Aug. 2021 : present
designed lightweight packable sling backpacks from retired paragliding wings, an upcycling project

- Apr. 2021
Easy answer is that there are a lot of ways!

This question became the focus of my projects going forward, new projects framed as experiments into new areas of textile waste reduction

where is waste generated?

what are methods to converts this waste into new products?

read the book cradle to cradle and got excited about the concept of circularity as a overarching strategy to textile waste reduction

this graphic from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation gave context to my continuing experiments in textile circularity

in textile terms, methods of recirculating materials into the textile life cycle are: repair, redistribution, upcycling and recycling. 

ski bummed the winter & made upcycled tote bags - Oct. 2020 : April 2021
thnx to my friend Raskol Ink for donating her misprinted sweatshirts

thnx to Sportsman's for donating unusable unsellable textile based warrantied outdoor equipment

The misprinted sweatshirts and upcycled outdoor fabric became tote bags, eventually dubbed the Frankentotes
this was my first real sorta upcycling project and got me thinking about material sourcing and processing.

quit MCC to live out of my car & ride bikes - Jul. 2020
during that time I designed & made this handlebar bag with a local gear maker, Jam Packs

I also did some sewing out the back of my car for #bikepacking

moved way out to Montana - May 2020
burnt out on working on far out technology

love the outdoors and stoked on designing gear for outdoor adventure

stressed about the climate crisis

worked on a MCC trail crew for a bit and embroidered some t-shirts for my fellow crew members


UMN WTL - May 2019 : Dec. 2019
undergrad researching integrating technology into apparel at the University of Minnesota Wearable Technology Lab

coolest project I worked on

b4 that i wuz just a punk ass kid