Repair is an important part of circularity!
Here are some resources so you can extend the life of the clothes and gear you love using...

To hire - call or text Marijke @ 406-662-8399
Marijke is the gear repair guru behind Superbloom Gear Repair and just an all around wonderful human that repairs to keep things out of the landfill!
check her out on instagram 

To DIY - easiest place to start is needle, thread and some kinda scissors, find em at your local craft store!
Start with a simple project and then move onto more complicated things, youtube is a great for this!
I like this hand mending channel , try contacting your local clothing repair person to see if they offer lessons, get yourself a second hand sewing machine at your local thrift or marketplace, r/sewhelp is a great resource too...
keep an eye out for local gear repair events
have fun with it!