Our Materials

FDES makes products out of textile waste to divert materials from waste streams and return them to use.

The priorities in our materials sourcing are:
1. Materials we know we can use
2. Local fabric based outdoor gear that can no longer be used for its original purpose
3. Deadstock, offcuts, or other textile waste biproduct from regional textile goods manufacturers
4. Clothing and other textile based goods from our local clearance thrift store
5. Materials made from recycled content
6. Other unusable clothing or home textiles
7. Organic and sustainably made materials

(DONATION in the subject line, describe the donation materials and where they are located)

Thank you to for all the individual donations and to the following commercial donors!
Raskol Ink, Powderhound Screenprinting, Sportsman SkiHaus, REI Kalispell, US Hangliding and Paragliding Association, Tufa Climbing, Jam Packs, Dirt Rich Compost, Mtn Straps, SuperBloom Gear Repair, Rockfish Climbing & Fitness, FLATED

*All donations are final
*For custom projects with specific donations contact w/ subject SPECIAL PROJECT

-Donations of warrantied returned outdoor gear from Sportsman SkiHaus

-Offcuts from Tufa Climbing, a Kalispell based technical pack maker

-The Ragfinery in Bellingham WA operates a sort of thrift store for second hand textiles

-Using an Edelrid tutorial for weaving a retired climbing rope into a doormat

-FDES first donation were beautifully misprinted sweatshirts from Raskol Ink,
at the time we were in the "can" aisle both working part time at Markus Foods, filled with dreams of future making.
The Raskol misprints became the Frankentotes and the journey continued...